(CLOSED) Family Assistant/Nanny in Encino

We need an excellent nanny/family assistant for an awesome single dad living in Encino with his 13 year old son and 15 year old daughter (half time). We need an experienced, educated, organized, detail oriented Family Assistant to help manage his busy family life with the help of his Executive Assistant. The schedule is Monday – Friday 3 – 12 hours per day depending on the day of the week, the school schedule, the sports schedule and the weekends. Longer days Weds-Sun when he has his children. You are responsible for assisting the children between 3pm/4pm – 10pm Weds-Fri. This includes picking up children from school, caring for them after school (driving them to after school activities, preparing healthy meals, packing for sports practices & games, laundry). Between those times, you will do house management tasks. These tasks include but are not limited to running errands, grocery shopping, scheduling contractors and work that needs to be done around the house, organizational projects, etc. Flexibility is required as the Principal does travel for business and overnights will be needed. A love for dogs is a MUST because when the Principal travels and does not have the children, overnights will be required of you to take care of the 2 family dogs. The Family Assistant is responsible for overseeing the general operation of the residence and will work collaboratively with the Principal and his Executive Assistant on a daily basis. Candidates must have excellent communication skills and be prepared to jump into tasks with an excellent work ethic. Salary: Based on experience. Discretionary annual bonus.