Full Time Chef in Presidio Heights (San Francisco)

We are looking for an experienced Chef for a high-profile client in Presidio Heights (San Francisco). This is a great job for a chef in San Francisco area! We have worked with this team and family before, and they are a fantastic group of people to join.


• Full procurement of all food and beverage related items for the home and office.

• Responsible for grocery budget and expense reporting with Expensify.

• Manage pantry, food and monitor wine inventories, suggest new wines to principal when needed.

• Purchase and keep non-alcoholic/alcoholic beverages stocked.

• Fresh foods, fresh meals prepared each day with menus presented in advance when appropriate

• Meal preparation – lunch and dinners for principal at home or at the office.

• Responsible for food preparation and serving for smaller parties (4-10 guests).

• Coordinate menus with Principal ahead of time and oversee catering for larger parties.

• Twice a year, manage inventory of dishes, china, serve-ware, flatware, crystal, silver, table linens bar/glassware, Household staff to assist with inventory.

• Catalog, inventory and plan maintenance of large and small appliances

• Responsible for keeping all floors, tables and countertops in breakfast room, kitchen and pantry areas spotless

• Cleaning of fridge daily and rotating stock so that no expired or old food is left inside

• Labeling of all food (fridge, pantry etc.)

• After dinner, wash all dirty dishes and leave kitchen clean and tidy for the next morning if housekeeper is not working

• Leave a variety of breakfast items in fridge

• Annual calibration of oven, wine cellar, etc.

• Uploading menus, grocery lists, stock items to Dropbox,

• Clean, healthy cooking on a daily basis, including freshly made Juices/smoothies, when requested

• Organic meats and produce whenever possible

• For larger dinner parties, additional staff is hired to assist

• Follow food trends and preferences of principal

The schedule would be 4-5 days/week for lunch and dinner consisting of 10 hour days, (mostly weekdays, and some 5-day work weeks). A flexible candidate would be ideal. Salary is DOE.