Full Time Housekeeper in Beverly Hills (Trousdale Estates)

A wonderful couple in Beverly Hills is seeking a housekeeper to help care for their beautiful home in the Trousdale Estates. Their long time housekeeper is retiring soon and they will need someone to come in and pick up where she leaves off. The home is 5,000 sf, but as it is just the two of them. The couple travels on occasion and would appreciate it if you could tend to the home, keep an eye on things, and be present for vendors, etc. MUST have a strong eye for detail, be an exceptional cleaner, have a pleasant, peaceful demeanor, and truly enjoy taking great care of a lovely home. Great opportunity for a long term position!

Specific duties will include:

Cleaning and deep cleaning as needed
Dishes/ polishing
Mopping and vacuuming
Laundry for household
Cleaning outside areas
Speak to vendors/ workers
Bring in packages
Take care of home while couple travels
This is a ‘high end” home with custom furnishings, ranging from fabrics to rugs to plumbing fixtures and artwork. Each item/category needs a different care protocol including various cleaning products. Due to the delicate nature of some things, client does some cleaning (some polishing, cleaning of artwork, etc.) In summary, really need someone who will keep track of what to do, as well as what not to do, which product to use, what kind of cloth, etc. It can get really specific so requires a person who will pay attention and also ask questions, especially in the beginning until it becomes routine.

As far as “cleaning outside areas”, our outdoor space is extremely important and needs equal attention— wiping down frames of chairs and lounge chairs, outdoor tables,especially during summer/fall season, washing off bird poop from the furniture covers, removing covers and storing them when needed, washing down the trash cans, cleaning the closet doors and driveway lights, cleaning stains from the concrete paving and driveway.

“Speak to vendors”— As our housekeeper, they will need to record the hours of anyone working at our home (with the exception of regular maintenance of gardener and pool maintenance) and keep track of work done by contractors when we are not home, and be able to report back on work completed/ issues, etc.

“Laundry” – the housekeeper needs to be an excellent ironer and know ho to sort, wash, remove stains, and fold properly. Experience using (or ability to learn) how to use a Miele rotary iron for the bed linens on a twice-weekly basis.

“Cleaning and deep cleaning”- Our home has a lot of glass (windows and floor to ceiling glass across the back of the house). Physical ability and buy-in to clean the glass (on a bi-weekly basis) is required.

Preferred hours are Mon – Fri from 9-5 pm, but negotiable (8-4). Paid holidays include New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Sick days/personal days to be agreed upon before hiring.

Pay will be by payroll service on a weekly basis.

We would like for the new hire to train for one week with our current housekeeper. Looking to hire in December, Salary will be $35/Hour DOE.