Full Time Live-In Housekeeper in Bel-Air

We are looking for a formal Live-In Housekeeper with exceptional cleaning skills and a positive attitude for a 7k square foot home in Bel-Air. The ideal candidate will have experience working in high-end homes and will have exceptional attention to detail in maintaining a clean and comfortable environment. The property has a separate living environment for you!

Job Responsibilities will include maintaining exceptional standards of cleanliness around the home, pet care for three small dogs, pressing the bedding, etc. A team player that can answer phones and work with vendors. There is an additional housekeeper that comes in four days per week. This is a family that travels often, so there will be downtime often. You’re expected to manage time well as there is not necessarily a SET schedule. We are looking for someone who can be flexible. The day will usually start around 8 AM, downtime/breaks throughout the day, and will usually end with cleaning up after dinner.

The position will usually be anywhere from 4 – 6 days/week, depending on travel. Salary will be 60k – 65k DOE. There is a stipend toward health insurance and various bonuses throughout the year.