[FILLED] Full Time Nanny in Beverly Hills

Hi Everyone! We are looking for a Full Time Nanny in Beverly Hills. This is a really great family that we have placed with before and they just welcomed their 3 week old daughter. They are looking for someone who can help the family as a Nanny and Family Assistant. Mom likes to be as hands on as possible and would love a smart and organized Nanny who can help manage the home while mom spends time with the newborn. When not caring for the newborn, you will be running errands, coordinating with vendors and handling the family’s schedule and correspondences. They are looking for someone who can be VERY flexible and work with an open schedule. You can count on working 40 hours a week but most week your exact work schedule will be provided 1 week in advance. This is a really sweet family and great job for a Nanny who is smart, flexible, and has experience caring for newborns. $20-$23/HR