Full-Time Personal Assistant/House Manager in Topanga

We are looking for an experienced and talented Full Time Personal Assistant/House Manager for a busy family in Topanga. Primarily, you will be assisting a family with a five-year-old, two startups, one investment fund, demanding schedules, and another baby on the way. To start, eligible candidates must have a phone, safe working car (large enough for picking up larger items) and lives close to Topanga. The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:
Someone that takes agility, tech mastery (all the tools* that will unlock your time and ours), an ethos that speed and perfection are compatible, extraordinary resourcefulness (you can always find 5 solutions to solve a problem, track something down and think proactively), precision and intention with how time is structured, an of service mind/heart-set, non-attached style that creates space versus taking it – exceptional, clear written communicator across the mediums of SMS, Slack, email, Google Drive, phone and other tools that make the magic happen, a concierge approach with kindness and respect across everyone you would touch while working with us (even in the most challenging of interactions – and knowing that a well written email is the difference between getting a refund and a surcharge), trustworthy and thoughtful with money – acting as if it were your own – mindful and careful, intuitive (you know when to text 5 times for an answer versus when to wait a beat), fast at synthesis and pattern recognition, agile (can easily switch between 17 tasks and projects quickly without fatiguing), can drop into chaos and immediately become the calm eye of the storm, proactive and prophetic – anticipating and taking that extra step to double check something with the hotel ahead of arrival, knowing to always get the name of who you spoke to – all things that remove friction from an experience and build an ecosystem of people you can call on again. You shapeshift with ease, you are eternally curious, persistent and love to learn new things, even if it’s how to find a refrigerator that’s out of stock is available in one warehouse in Moorpark. Also, it will be here in 2 business days with no additional fee).
You are a GSuite ninja. From systems, lists, basic accounting, budgeting, birthday planning, gift tracking, order tracking, task tracking to well organized Google Drive folder structure that ensures no one needs to bother you on your day off because it’s so well organized. For everything you don’t know in GSuite, you are one YouTube demo video away from quickly figuring it out. You are a master of Apple / iOS everything. Your family calls you for tech support. There’s no tech solution you can’t figure out. And when you can’t, you have a guy that does saved in your phone. You care about tech and data security. We use 1Password. Ideally, you are familiar. If you’re not, within the 5 minutes after this job posting and believing this is the perfect fit you have already Google’d and get it and understand what it’s for and the basic interface. You move between Slack, SMS, email, GDrive and any piece of software gracefully and when you identify a process that could be improved, you propose and implement it. Superhuman email either already changed your life or you’re open to it doing so. Again, you will have already looked it up and tried it by the time we speak. Oh, and you’ll never file an email again. Just reading this role description earned you hours of your life back. You are a Zoom, Google Meet, conference set-up guru. “I don’t have the link” has said almost no one ever when you have scheduled something. Asana or another project management software or tools to create timelines or plan much bigger projects is energizing to you, but you have learned that sometimes good ‘ol Google Sheets work best. It depends. Your calendar invites are a thing of art. All the relevant information. They elicit the “jeez, you literally think of everything” from anyone who receives them. And they ensure you are bugged for the least information.
Some other things about you
You type fast, but are maniacal about spelling, grammar, writing style and how information is presented. How you write represents how much you care about time, and how you want people to feel—and you understand how critical that is to representing us, but to also getting things done efficiently. A paragraph in an update email should probably be in bullet points. You create clear agendas when there are meetings. You take notes and send immediate follow ups so everyone know’s what they need to do and to avoid the Spiderman meme. You loathe poor communication—yours is concise and has a clarity that is always not too much, not too little and the perfect articulation of what you need an answer on in order to move forward. You pattern recognize. You see something happen more than once that can be more efficient and you immediately propose another way. You could be dropped into chaos and you immediately become the eye of the storm. The word overwhelmed, stressed and burnout are not in your vocabulary. Handling a house, construction project, schedules, kids birthday plannings, daily errands and “oh shit” urgent moments, birthday gifts, You do more things in a day than most accomplish in a week. You can keep up with very high functioning, fast workers. You communicate as if you are the AD on the set of a 10,000 person set. You probably buy your Christmas presets in August. Friends ask you to organize their closets—or their finances. From the day you begin, maybe even from our first meeting, we will feel a sense of relief and a “you got this”. When you interface with people in our life, we will also get a follow up text that says, “I don’t know where you found [insert your name], but [insert pronoun] is incredible. How can I find someone like that for my life?”
We don’t typically need help with any work-related scheduling (outside of some travel), but all child-related scheduling, repair people, personal care, doctors, personal travel, and all things that fall outside of work. Work does not need to be coordinated closely with, though. This includes ongoing communication and interaction with family members, our nanny, housekeeper, guests, friends, etc.
Inventory lists, regular ordering and grocery shopping, arrangement with anyone cooking or sporadic dinner parties, birthdays, events, etc. Regular availability for quick pickups and larger shops – or coordination of delivery, etc. Takeout pickup, prescription pickups, dry cleaning, etc General knowledge of health and nutrition and plants a huge plus.
Home/Land + Car Maintenance/Supplies
Inventory lists and monthly checking, regular updating of regular items, scheduling and managing repair people, car maintenance and repairs, tracking of repair and service cadence, DMV renewals, insurance renewals, meeting them on site, research regular Amazon ordering as things come up throughout the day – as we develop the land further, this may include scheduling with landscaping, gardener, etc. and the documentation. With a large construction project underway, this will also entail all of the follow up on samples, vendor payments, order tracking, moving preparation, furniture research, etc
Basic tracking of bills, expenses, reporting, returns, auditing for wrongful charges, etc. Maintaining all accounts / passwords in 1Password and worksheets for tracking all ongoing expenses to gain basic visibility into monthly expenditure. Keeping of budgets and expenses for construction and the migration of all household finances to Quickbooks.
Managing ordering, Amazon-ing, gifting, returning, researching, getting special / customized gifts made, samples for my work, holiday / birthday tracking. And many things you will anticipate here before we even think of it because you are proficient with calendars and are always working 90 days at least ahead.
Organization/Reporting/Weekly Meetings
If you had to take a few weeks off, everything I need to know would be in neatly and precisely organized Google Sheets for reference. This means regular upkeep of vendors, accounts, open action items, regularly scheduled follow ups, inventory audits, etc. This also includes a regular weekly report and clear agendas for our calls, times to connect so we use time efficiently and everything feels organized – sometimes these have to happen later at night or in transit given work schedules.
Time needs shapeshift week to week General availability for last-minute, emergencies and a ‘things always come up’ approach—within reason and clear boundaries, but with the understanding that you are the first call.
Little Humans
While this is not a nanny position, the awareness of being around children, the kindness, the language, safety and the modeling is important. Childcare experience, a huge plus. Plus the experience of coordinating with parents, activities, birthday party planning, coordination of child / baby care, sourcing of childcare resources – especially for new babies, etc. a plus.
With a move to Topanga, the understanding and working knowledge of fire warnings and flags is critical. Regular monitoring of TCEP and communication with our family – the maintenance of regular safety checks, fire sprinkler testing, communication of emergency plans, etc.

The pay is 100-120K DOE.