(FILLED) One Day a Week in Studio City

We are looking for an excellent, top-notch housekeeper for one day per week, possibly 1 day and a half day. This is a really great client of ours who we have placed with and they need someone amazing and who is looking for a long term gig. This is a large house (4+ bedrooms) with lots of stairs so you should be active and have experience cleaning a large home. If you are a knowledgeable housekeeper with great references and looking for one day a week, let us know! $200/Day

(FILLED) Part Time House Manager in Brentwood

We are looking for a Part Time House Manager in Brentwood. You should have experience running a Household as you will be overseeing all aspects of this estate, from maintenance, staff and payroll, to expenses and budgets. Our client needs someone who can keep his home running smoothly and help with both personal and business related errands and tasks. This is a role for someone who is of service and can jump in as needed and who demonstrates an array of skills. The ideal person will be smart, organized, and have a very strong ability to work independently. They would love to have someone who can be flexible, working a guaranteed 3 full days a week. For the right person who needs a set schedule they are open to establishing a static 3 day a week schedule. $25-$30/HR

((FILLED) House Manager in Brentwood

We are looking for an experienced House Manager in Brentwood. Our client is an older gentleman who recently lost his wife and is now looking for help running his household. This is a new position and they really need someone who can come in and hit the ground running. Someone who can help establish the needs of the estate and help structure their role within the house. Your role will be to oversee the residence as well as vacation and income properties, to work with vendors, create household manuals, and oversee the staff. You will be preparing expense reports, creating budgets, and managing payroll and household bills, etc. In addition, you will be assisting with coordinating events and parties, general errands and shopping, personal tasks, and at times business tasks. This is a role for someone who is of service and can jump in as needed and who demonstrates an array of skills. The ideal person will be smart, organized, and have extensive knowledge of running a household. The schedule will mostly be 9-5, Mon- Fri, but they need someone who can be flexible during events and parties and able to work an occasional evening or weekend. $55-$65

(FILLED) PA/EA in Beverly Hills

We are looking for PA/ EA in Beverly Hills. Our client is a very successful movie producer who is looking for someone who can help in a variety of both personal and business tasks. He is looking for someone who can help with everything from picking up dry cleaning to filling out insurance forms for new employees in the office. You should be smart, organized, and adept at rolling with the punches. Right now they have a home office (soon to be outside of the home) in Beverly Hills. You will be working Mon-Fri, 9-5 or 10-6 with some flexibility on hours. This is an ideal role for someone who is calm under pressure and has a wide array of skills. $55-$60K

(FILLED) Weekend Housekeeper in Malibu

We are looking for a fantastic, high-end housekeeper for a really great client of ours who we have placed with on multiple occasions. This is a great staffed household and they are now looking for someone for their Malibu home, Thurs- Sun. You will be maintaining the home in which the family spends the weekends at so it’s very important to them to find the right fit, someone who is aware of the family’s need for privacy, very professional and hardworking, but is also kind and personable. You should have an eye for detail and excellent references. This is a great position for the right person. $25-$28/HR + health benefits

(FILLED) Personal Assistant in Westwood

We need a great PA/Driver in Westwood. We need someone who is professional, smart, and organized to help keep our client on top of things. You will primarily be helping the husband, a busy executive that will need you to help with everything from personal errands, business tasks, to driving. You should personable, service minded, and resourceful. This couple is really looking for someone with a calm presence and efficiency who can keep things running smoothly. This is a full time position, Mon-Fri, 9-5 for someone who has some flexibility in their schedule. $55-$70k

(FILLED) Part Time Chef in Newport Beach

We are looking for a part time Chef in Newport Beach! Our clients are looking for a chef who can provide meals and do a little bit of PA work, M-W-F. In addition to cooking meals for a couple and keeping the kitchen stocked, they are looking for someone who can do a bit of general errand running. If you are a great chef looking for a few days a week in the South Bay, please reach out! Salary DOE

(FILLED) Live In Housekeeper in La Quinta

We are looking for a live in Housekeeper in La Quinta. Our clients are looking for a meticulous housekeeper who is also good with computers and can help with some Personal Assistant tasks as well. You will be maintaining the home, doing some driving, running errands, and helping with basic computer tasks so you must have some tech skills. You should be comfortable doing some light cooking and helping with care for the family’s four dogs. This is an excellent job for the right person, someone smart, personable, and able to help keep this household running smoothly in many capacities. $52- $60K

(FILLED) Housekeeper in Malibu

We have a great new Housekeeping job in Malibu! Our clients are looking for a top notch Housekeeper to divide their time between two Malibu properties. You will be maintaining each home, deep cleaning, changing linens, washing and ironing laundry, and managing the household supplies. You will be cleaning the larger home 3 days a week and devoting 2 days a week to the smaller property. In addition to keeping the homes clean, you will also be monitoring household repairs and doing some occasional light cooking. The ideal person will be detail oriented and able to work independently. Neither home is the primary residence for this family so your focus will be upkeep and making it “hotel ready” for them when they arrive. The ideal person will be, personable, detail oriented and experienced keeping a 4,500 sq. ft. home in top shape. You should have excellent references and be dog friendly. $22-$25/HR

(FILLED) Dog Sitter in Bel Air

We are looking for a dog sitter in Bel Air! Our clients are looking for someone to stay at their home Friday and Saturday night to be with their 3 dogs (Westie, Lab and Husky). Ideally, you will be starting at 5pm on Friday and 4:30pm on Saturday, staying overnight each evening and leaving in the morning. You will be paid for each overnight and or any potential additional hours worked. Sometimes the family needs the dogs driven to the Malibu house or will just need extra help on occasions, depending on what is happening at the residence. You will mostly be at the family’s Bel Air home, but on occasion the Malibu property as the family will sometimes spend the weekends there.The ideal person will have some flexibility to fill in when the person who stays with the dogs Sunday thru Thursday needs time off or is on vacation. They would like to fill this role ASAP so if you are someone who loves dogs, has great references, and is looking to supplement their current role with two evenings a week please let us know! $150/an evening + $20/HR for additional hours.