[FILLED] Full Time Housekeeper in West Hollywood

We are looking for a Full Time Housekeeper in West Hollywood. Our clients are looking for someone who can work Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, keeping their 4 bedroom home clean and assisting with household errands and tasks. This job is for someone who is great around the house with laundry, organizations, and cooking and who can also help stay organized with packages, inventory, etc. They would like someone who takes initiative and is meticulous in their work. The ideal candidate will be discreet and professional with a light footprint when necessary. This is a really great couple looking for a smart and organized Housekeeper with excellent communication and who is good with emails/texting. You will be helping them stay organized and on top of things by keeping the home clean, helping with laundry, some cooking, and errands. This is a really terrific job and great people to work for! $25-$30/HR

[FILLED] Housekeeper/House Manager in Brentwood

We are looking for a great Housekeeper/House Manager who can work Part Time in Brentwood. This is a longtime client and we have placed with them many times and they are always wonderful to work with. This time, they are looking for someone who can help clean and organize their home which is currently under renovation. You will be working 3-4 days a week keeping the laundry room and kitchen clean, doing some food shopping, laundry, and running errands. You should be efficient, organized, positive and professional. The ideal candidate will work well in a household under construction where day to day can be unpredictable and should have excellent communication skills. Experience working with high end clothing is a plus. $25-$30/HR

(FILLED) Housekeeper in Bel Air, Wed-Sun

Hi Everyone! We are looking for a Full Time Housekeeper in Bel Air. We need someone who is a team player, flexible, and has great communication skills. You will be working to keep the home clean and organized and helping around the household as needed, answering phones, running errands, and accepting packages, etc. This is a really large, staffed home, with three other Housekeepers and you will be working 5 days a week Wed- Sun. Three days the schedule will be 7am -3pm and the other two days you will be working 12pm-8pm. The ideal person will be organized, upbeat and friendly, and able to take direction well and work well as a team. $25/HR

[FILLED] Part Time Chef in Beverly Hills

We are looking for a Part Time Chef in Beverly Hills. You will be cooking for a big, busy family with four teenage children, providing meals for the week. They would like you to do the grocery shopping and come in Mon, Wed, and Fri for 3 – 4 hours a day to make meals to leave for the week. You should be skilled in a variety of cuisines and have experience working around dietary restrictions, particularly lactose and nuts. This is mostly basic family cooking -burgers, pasta, roast chicken and vegetables that the family can reheat on their own. You should be experienced cooking for parents and children and accommodating multiple meal preferences and dietary limitations. $200-$250/Day

(FILLED) Live In Nanny in Georgia

Hi Everyone! We are looking for an experienced, top-notch Nanny who can live in and travel. Our clients are a wonderful couple with a 4 ½ year old and a 1 ½ year old, mom is an actress, and they are currently filming in Georgia so you must be willing to relocate for the time being. This is a really kind, down to earth family to work for and they are looking for someone who fits the dynamic, has a fun, upbeat personality, and is energetic, outgoing, and active with the children. Because mom is acting, her schedule can be erratic so you must be flexible and up for lots of travel. You should be smart, discreet, and professional. Experience working with high profile families is preferred and bilingual is a huge plus! This is a great job for the right fit! Salary DOE

[FILLED] Housekeeper in Malibu

Hi! We have a great Housekeeping job in Malibu! This is a wonderful client who we have placed with many times. They are now looking for a Housekeeper to work Wed- Sun from 6am-3pm. You will be helping to maintain the home and preparing breakfast in the morning. You must be comfortable cooking breakfast and have experience working in a high end household. You should be professional, discreet, and have excellent communication skills. This is a large staff so you must be a team player and work well both independently and with others. $27-$30/HR

(FILLED) Housekeeper in Bradbury, CA

We are looking for a Housekeeper 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday in Bradbury, CA. The hours will be approximately 8am-4:30pm but you must be somewhat flexible. You must have excellent communications skills and have at least 3-5 years of experience cleaning upscale homes, ideally working with a high-profile family. Must be comfortable with children and animals (dogs/birds) This job is for someone who is a quick learner and someone with an eye for detail- will require the ability to learn how to clean hookah equipment (delicate parts, intricate cleaning). Must be professional, discreet, and have excellent references $22-$26/HR

(FILLED) Houseman in Bradbury, CA

Hi Everyone! We are looking for a Houseman who can cook in Bradbury, CA. Our clients are looking for an experienced Houseman to work 40 hours a week, Mon-Fri 7am-4pm with some flexibility in their schedule and availability for the occasional weekend. They are looking for a professional and polished handyman who can also cook. (This is a job for a true jack of all trades!) You will be handling a little bit of everything, from escorting guests on and off property, small house projects (such as changing light bulbs, other easy projects but they may require lifting heavy items or climbing ladders, etc), animal care (feeding dogs, feeding bird, cleaning up dog area and bird area), other light house cleaning (basically to assist housekeepers in down time), as well as some light cooking in the morning. The ideal candidate will have had experience working with a high-profile family in the past and will have excellent references. $25-$30/HR

[FILLED] Full Time Nanny in Malibu

Hi Everyone! We are looking for a great Nanny in Malibu. This is a wonderful family that we have placed with before. You will looking after a ten year old girl, picking her up from school, driving to activities, cooking dinner, and helping with homework. The hours are Mon-Fri 2:30pm- 8pm, plus 2 evenings a week (TBD) to make a total of 40 hours a week. We are looking for someone who is active, reliable, and engaging. Must have a college degree and excellent references. $22-$25/HR

[FILLED] Housekeeper in Pasadena, Live in or Live out

We are looking for a great Housekeeper in Pasadena, Mon- Fri from 8:30 am -2:30pm. You will be working for a lovely, long time client of ours who has typically had staff in their home for decades at a time! This is a great household to be a part of. She is an older woman with children grown and out of the house and ideally she would like someone who is looking for a live in position, however, she is open to live out for the right fit. The ideal person will be organized, of service, and able to help with meal prep and light cooking. You should be flexible to work an occasional weekend day when guests are in town. $20-$25/HR