(FILLED) Housekeeper in Pacific Palisades

We are looking for a full time Housekeeper in the Pacific Palisades, Mon- Fri from 9am-5pm. This is a really great family of four, including two school aged children. You will be maintaining the 10,000 sq. ft. home. Keeping things clean and organized and helping with laundry and some meal prep. You may be helping stay at home mom with some errands and school pick ups on occasion. You should be great with kids and have an eye for detail. Experience maintaining large homes is required with great references. The ideal housekeeper will be positive and professional and work well independently. $22-$25/HR

(FILLED) Live In Housekeeper in Brentwood

We are looking for a fantastic Housekeeper in Brentwood. Our clients are a really great family with a one year old boy, who are looking for someone who can live in and help care for their home. The ideal person is fantastic with cleaning and organizing but also great with children. They are looking for someone who can keep the home clean and also be available to babysit at night on occasion. The family does have a full time Nanny, so you will just be supplementing that care by helping out in the evenings. They are open to someone living out if they can be very flexible and work evenings or overnights when needed. This is a very nice family who is looking for a kind hearted, positive housekeeper with a light footprint when called for and who can be respectful of the family’s privacy when appropriate. You should be self driven and have excellent cleaning skills and references. $1000-$1200 a week.

(FILLED)Housekeeper in Bel Air, Tues- Sat

Hi Everyone! We are looking for a great Housekeeper who can work Tues-Sat (Tues-Fri 10:30-7pm) Sat 9-5:30. This is a really great family to work for, a busy, working couple with three children in Bel Air. You will be working with another housekeeper to maintain the house..You should be organized, professional, and really great with laundry. You should be a team player who has experience working alongside other staff, have excellent references, and be comfortable around dogs.The family has two labs and you will be doing some care and walks for them as well. $22-$25/HR

(FILLED)Nighttime Houseman in the Hollywood Hills

Hi everyone! We have an opening for a Night Houseman in the Hollywood Hills. This position is full time and includes overnight hours. Your schedule will typically be 3 nights from 11 PM to 7 AM and 2 days from 3 PM to 11 PM. You would be manning the phones and taking care of the house overnight. The client is an artist who frequently entertains their friends and family, so you will also be working some late-night parties with other staff. Administrative or reception experience would be great. The right candidate will be kind, sophisticated, and polished. Ideally you will be handy and able to help with small tasks around the house as well. Spanish fluency is a plus as well! Salary $20-27/hr DOE.

(FILLED) Full Time Housekeeper in Brentwood Who Can Cook

Hi Everyone! We are looking for a Housekeeper in Brentwood. Our clients, a lovely couple with grown children, are looking for a Housekeeper to work Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm. They have two puppies that are part of the family so this is definitely a job for dog lovers! You will be helping their long time Housekeeper maintain the home, running any needed errands, and helping to care for the dogs. There may be some occasional light cooking. This is a really kind family to work for and they are looking for someone equally as kind and who is organized, and thoughtful and looking for a long-term position. $22-$25/HR

(FILLED) Housekeeper in Orange County

We are looking for a Housekeeper in Orange City. Our clients, a lovely couple with three school aged boys, are looking for someone who can help keep their Laguna Beach home clean and organized. You will be working Mon-Fri from 7:30am- 5pm, maintaining the home and helping where needed. You should be great with kids and comfortable driving for errands and helping with school pickups and drop offs. They are looking for someone who is detail oriented, experienced, and kind. Cooking is a plus, ideally they would like someone to help with some light cooking and meal prep for the family. They have a well-trained dog that you will be doing some care for so you should be dog friendly! This is a great family and a great job for the right candidate. $25-$30/HR

(FILLED) Personal Assistant in Encino

We are looking for a Personal Assistant/House Manager in Encino! This is a really great family of 5- mom, dad, and three boys. They are looking for someone to work full time assisting the family and seeing that the household is running smoothly. You will be responsible for keeping the home stocked and in working order. You will be grocery shopping, stocking supplies, keeping closets and belongings organized, and running errands like dry cleaning or car maintenance. The ideal person will be resourceful and handy and able to help out with small household tasks as well. Event planning experience is a plus. The family often holds work events that they would like you to coordinate. You will be handling all aspects of these events other than food (which is handled by the family’s chef). While most hours will be through the week, you should be flexible, you may occasionally be needed over the weekend. This is a wonderful, kind, family with staff that stays long term. Of the staff, you will be overseeing the outside staff, including gardeners, groundskeepers, pool men, etc. You should have a positive demeanor and work well with others. Communication is very important as is organization. $70-$75K

(FILLED) Nanny/Family Assistant in Hollywood Hills

We are looking for a Nanny/Family Assistant in the Hollywood Hills. Our client is a busy mom in the entertainment industry and her schedule can be unpredictable. We need someone who can work 5 days a week 12-8pm but who can also be flexible with their schedule when she is working. This is a great family with 2 school aged children, one is 5 and the other is 15. You will be helping by driving the children, managing the family schedules and keeping them all organized. The ideal person will be smart and creative, able to come up with systems, take initiative, and solve problems. You should be experienced with older children and have a college degree. $25-$30/HR

(FILLED) Full Time Housekeeper in Brentwood

We are looking for a great, full time housekeeper in Brentwood! Our clients, a lovely, busy young couple are looking for help keeping their 7,000-sq. ft. home clean and organized. This is a staffed household and they are looking for someone who is a team player and is able to communicate well and work efficiently with others. You will be working full time along with another housekeeper Mon- Fri, typically during the hours of 8am-5pm or 11am- 8pm. This is a large home so you should be up for the task and experienced in cleaning high end homes and furnishings. They are looking for someone to stay with them long term, ideally someone who is positive, sophisticated, and hardworking. $28-$32