(FILLED) Part-Time (Maybe Full-Time!) Housekeeper/House Manager in Beverly Hills

We are looking for a part-time Housekeeper/House Manager for a lovely family we have placed with in the past in Beverly Hills. We are looking for someone that can work Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 8 hours/day. This job will be at least 24 hours/week but has the potential to turn into a full 40 hour/week job. The salary will be $25/hour.

They currently have another housekeeper who works Tuesday’s and Thursdays and does deep cleaning and other tedious tasks. Job responsibilities will include housekeeping but can handle more and act as house manager of staff. Must be clean, professional, meticulous with cleaning details, can communicate clearly with staff and assist with light personal things for me (errands, grocery shopping, calling vendors for the house, making appointments etc).