(FILLED) Personal Assistant to a Designer

We have a great new PA job! Our client is a designer who lives in Rustic Canyon, and is moving to Topanga this summer. She is looking for an assistant to help her out with her household and personal tasks as well as with her business, running a design company. She is looking for a full time, vibrant and unique personal assistant, Ideally who has field experience with design, be it fashion or interior or an education in design. Must have a very positive attitude and an open mind to a constantly changing work environment. Flexibility and being able to roll with the punches is essential. Looking for someone who can take direction in the beginning but doesn’t require hand holding. The primary duties will be keeping the designer/head of the company organized so she doesn’t have to wear all of the hats required in running the business—this will include tasks related to the business as well as personal and household affairs. Tasks will include but are not limited to sorting through and organizing inventory, both physical and digital, creating spreadsheets and cost analyses and sourcing both online and in the field. This person will need to have very good social skills and feel very comfortable in many different situations as he or she will be representing the company professionally as well as handling in-person client relations. Must be highly proficient at computer skills from Excel to Photoshop to Instagram. Salary DOE