(FILLED) Temp. Full Time Housekeeper in Santa Monica

We are looking for a temporary full time housekeeper for a Santa Monica beach home. This position will start as soon as possible and will finish in late August. This is for a family of five, three children who are in and out of the house throughout the summer with the parents there full time. This is a lovely family we have worked with in the past!

The job will consist of cleaning, organizing, laundry, feeding pets (2 cats, 1 dog) and errands like picking up dry-cleaning and grocery shopping. The family already has one full time housekeeper so you must be able to work in a team!

They are looking for someone 5 days/week (with ONE WEEKEND DAY), there will be a set schedule but they are looking for someone who can be flexible. A total of 40 hours. The position will pay $25/hour.